solar panels on home built by Mountain Top Builders


Mountain Top Builders, Inc. - Celebrating 20 Years Building - established 1997

“We have been working with
Mountain Top Builders
for more than a decade, and
we have continually been pleased
with their commitment to sustainability. 
There have been many times
that we have helped each other
by finding new products or methods
that create a healthier and
more energy efficient building. 
MTB is always willing to try
a new product that saves energy,
is recycled, or has other sustainable benefits.
  Their commitment is not only to
the owner and the environment,
but always a holistic approach
to making better buildings,
creating a better product for the client,
and stepping lightly upon the earth.”
- Peter J. Ewers, Golden, CO
Ewers Architecture pc - AIA, LEED AP


Meeting the needs of today without sacrificing those of the future.

It is important to respect and protect the earth’s resources whenever possible, so we constantly seek new ways to incorporate sustainable building techniques through energy-efficient designs and use of renewable materials.

This approach helps decrease heating and cooling costs, increase indoor air quality, reduce operations and maintenance costs, conserve natural resources and water as well as make the most of natural light.

Effectively integrating sustainable design elements into a project during the development and design phases can minimize building costs. Sustainable design elements save money through lower operating costs over the life of the home and increases home value.

What are the elements of sustainable design?

- Build better, not bigger
- Optimum balance of performance, appearance and cost
- Evaluate life-cycle costs: installation, operation & replacement
- Comfort
- Return on investment: financially and psychologically
- Building Placement
- Energy Efficiency
- Resource Efficiency
- Durability

Certified Graduate Builder (CGB)
Certified Green Professional
Member NAHB
Grand County Builders Association
Energy Star Partner
Winter Park Fraser Valley Chamber of Commerce